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“We have assembled a great team at Lazarus Charbonneau. While we are able

to deliver a full range of legal services, we have also developed a unique

skill-set enabling us to advise disruptive technology companies. This created

a demand to expand our services and open the Lazarus Charbonneau

offices in Ontario, which gives our clients even broader coverage.”


We have assembled a first class team of professionals at Lazarus Charbonneau and I am proud to announce the expansion of our offices to the Toronto area. We have officially opened an office in the GTA, expanding our services to Ontario and effectively the rest of Canada. As our practice has evolved, the demand for our services continues to increase. Having lived through an entire “disruptive cycle” and having advised the “early movers, the veterans and the new comers” in the gaming space, we have developed a very unique skill set and perspective that allows us to advise ground breaking technology companies. Ultimately, this is what online gaming was – disruptive technology. Our involvement in the industrial maturity of the industry gave us strategic insight into the evolution of a space that had no rules into one that is heavily regulated. This is a cycle that is common to disrupting entities. We are excited about the expansion Ontario Offices which will be managed by  Brian Thomas Hall.

Morden “Cookie” Lazarus