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René R. Gauthier heads the litigation practice at Lazarus Charbonneau and has built an excellent reputation for himself and the firm over his thirty years of practice before the Quebec court, Superior court and Court of Appeal.


René R. Gauthier, Partner

René R. Gauthier, Partner


Contact flat icons  +1.514.289.8600 Ext. 215

Contact flat icons  rrgauthier@lazchar.com

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Established over thirty years of intense practice before the Quebec court, Superior court and Court of Appeal, Mr. Gauthier’s reputation was forged through  constant achievements as a trial and litigation attorney,  marked by an impressive number of successful judicial outcomes resulting from judgments that were not only of  great significance to his clients, but also, for many of them,  contributory to the advancement of law in Quebec and Canada, having been reported in legal publications and cited by courts in Quebec and Canada  as leading jurisprudence, comprised of the following  cases :


  • Restaurant Febo Inc. Sam Slodovnick et Claudio Chiavatti, (1986) R.D.J. 418;
  • Overing Communication Services (CS) Inc., (C.S., 1992-04-28), SOQUIJ AZ-92029141, D.T.E. 92T-1112;
  • Lévesque Richmond, [1992] R.R.A. 789 (C.S.) confirmed in appeal [1997] R.R.A. 11 (C.A.);
  • Hydroforce Québec ltée Industrielle et financière Holding Geneve S.A., 1995 CanLII 5143 (QC CA);
  • Caruso Banque Royale du Canada, 1996 CanLII 6143 (QC CA);
  • Richmond Lévesque, 1996 CanLII 6051 (QC CA);
  • Industrielle et financière Holding Genève S.A. Hydroforce Québec Ltée J.E. 98-844 (C.S.), REJB 1998-05338 (C.S.);
  • Francoeur Belzil, 2002 CanLII 4100 (QC CS) confirmed in appeal J.E. 2004-1252 (C.A.);
  • LVH Corp. (Las Vegas Hilton) Lalonde, 2003 CanLII 27646 (QC CS);
  • Stephens Aerospace Concepts of Canada Inc. (A.C.I.), 2003 CanLII 556 (QC CS);
  • Gruber Greenberg et al. J.E. 2004 – 330 (C.S.) confirmed in appeal 2004 CanLII 14882 (QC CA);
  • Banque Royale du Canada 9096-3406 Québec inc. 2006 QCCS 5128;
  • Désormeau Industries Désormeau inc., 2007 QCCS 6997 (CanLII) confirmed in appeal 2008 QCCA 1880 (CanLII);
  • Location Bristar Idealease Inc. (Syndic de), 2012 QCCS 211 (CanLII);
  • Gameday Leadership Management Consultant Inc. Emirates Canadian Sport Development Inc., 2012 QCCS 4467 (CanLII);
  • Conseillers en éditique Synésis Inc. (Versalys) Bourque, 2013 QCCA 427 (CanLII);

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