Startups and established businesses alike are constantly searching for new business ventures and investments. The emergence of cryptocurrency has opened the door to a whole world of opportunities. And we are here to make sure that you do it right.

Whether you are a startup launching your first ICO campaign or a cryptocoin backer looking to maximize your chances of a successful return on investment, we can help you navigate the new world of cryptocurrency and avoid those early stage problems.
We have been working with entertainment and sports professionals for more than 50 years, providing legal services unique to their profession:

  • Draft ICO whitepaper.
  • Logical and structured campaign management to maximize ICO value.
  • Ensure issuers have all legal opinions required to solicit funds from any jurisdiction.
  • Determine if issuers can legitimately raise funds from U.S. persons via exemptions, such as Reg S and Reg D.
  • Create liquidity for digital securities.
  • Establish escrow accounts pending completion of KYC/DD requirements.
  • Facilitate the creation of bank accounts and ensure a smooth transition of funds.
  • Structure the organization to comply with tax laws by soliciting the assistance of foreign attorneys.