March 15, 2018|

During their exploratory voyages for shorter travelling routes to Asia from the west of Europe, European explorers, dating back to the times of John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Martin Frobisher and Samuel de Champlain, to name a few, fell upon foreign land – Canada.

To block or not to block?

March 23, 2016|

Last year, I wrote an article on the legal framework of Canada’s online gaming industry, specifically discussing the concept of the “Foreign Operators’ Principle” and how they legally offer their i-gaming products to Canadians without facing criminal prosecution.[1]

Canada’s Online Gambling Industry

October 15, 2015|

So how can it be, therefore, that “offshore” operators accept Canadian facing business without suffering any legal consequences unlike several of them did a few years back in the United States? The answer is simple– by way of the “Foreign Operators Principle”.

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