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We don’t just work for you; we work with you.

At Lazarus Charbonneau, we believe that you deserve to be more than a spectator in the legal process – especially when you, your business and your career are directly affected by the outcome. This is why we aim to simplify the complex legal process for you, to help you navigate every available avenue, and to ultimately reach the best possible result. It’s this belief that lays the foundation for everything we do.

Our team of dedicated and well-respected lawyers will bridge the gap between your expectations and your goals. With over 50 years of legal and litigation experience, we champion your rights and interests with zeal. By taking time to thoroughly understand your situation, we are able to offer knowledgeable advice and assistance in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Specializing in gaming, banking, corporate and entertainment law, as well as civil and commercial litigation, we help businesses and organizations of all sizes resolve a wide variety of legal and regulatory matters. Since its inception in 1967, Lazarus Charbonneau’s proven track record has made it one of Canada’s top business law firms and a highly-trusted member of the legal community.

Areas of Practice

You face innumerable legal obstacles and issues while running your career and business – from drafting contracts to managing complex domestic and international transactions to resolving legal disputes. We are here to make all that easier for you.

At the forefront of business law for over 50 years, our clients have entrusted us to be their “point person” in all legal matters concerning gaming, banking, corporate and entertainment law, as well as civil and commercial litigation.